Tom DeLonge’s alien hunting company is $37 million in debt

He left Blink-182 to hunt for UFOs

Former Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge is still done with writing pop-punk tunes and is determined to find aliens. Last year, he founded To The Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences, but he’s having some difficulty in year-one with cash flow, considering the company is now $37 million USD in debt.

A Blink-182 subreddit discovered a recent SEC filing, and Ars Technica broke it down, revealing that despite having open enrolment for Americans to purchase stocks, To The Stars has created a huge amount of debt.

Despite that, To The Stars will continue with its plans to sell stocks to make it all work, and company lead, Tom DeLonge, doesn’t foresee a need to close the business:

Who knows, maybe DeLonge will uncover the secrets of the universe and their stocks will sky rocket. Or he could rejoin Blink-182.