Tom DeLonge’s To the Stars Academy has gotten a research deal with the US Army

After DeLonge got the US Navy to admit that a UAP caught on video wasn't just a weather balloon

Maybe Tom DeLonge didn’t make a mistake by leaving Blink-182 to hunt for UFOs after all. Now, DeLonge’s To the Stars Academy (TTSA) has struck major research deals with the US Army.

Last month, DeLonge got the US Navy to admit for the first time ever that a UAP, which was caught on video, wasn’t just a weather balloon. Now, according to Business Insider, the US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command is quite interested in TTSA’s technology research, focusing on taking steps in how “material science, space-time metric engineering, quantum physics, beamed energy propulsion, and active camouflage, have the potential to enhance survivability and effectiveness of multiple Army systems.”

Currently, the deals apply to the Ground Vehicle System Center (GVSC), and Ground Vehicle Survivability and Protection (GVSP), which means the US Army will offer up both facilities and resources for DeLonge’s academy to explore new “material and technology innovations in order to develop enhanced capabilities for Army ground vehicles.”

Lately, DeLonge has been posting images of “exotic material” and “metamaterial” that TTSA believes came from an “Unidentified Aerial Vehicle,” which you can check out below.