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Tommy Lefroy sign to Pheromone Recordings, share video for new single ‘Dog Eat Dog’

Producer and artist duo Wynter Bethel and Tessa Mouzourakis have shared a video for their new single as Tommy Lefroy, “Dog Eat Dog.” The track arrives in celebration of signing to Pheromone Recordings.

“Dog Eat Dog” is a soft, guitar driven ballad that slowly builds into an anthemic, singalong chorus. Throughout “Dog Eat Dog,” Tommy Lefroy deliver stunning melodies, gritty instrumentals, and soft vocal lines. Directed by Dominique Froud, the accompanying video was shot with an all-female crew. Drawing inspiration from strong female mediaeval characters, the clip is about women feeling guarded as they make their way through the world.

“‘Dog Eat Dog’ is a song about relentlessness,” Tommy Lefroy explain. “It’s about how external pressures and expectations we have of ourselves can make us defensive, and keep us from going after what we really want. It’s about holding on to, what Patti Smith calls, ‘that fiery sadness called desire.’ It’s about womanhood and sisterhood and queerness. It’s about keeping a sense of humour and humility throughout the hero’s journey.”

Watch the video for “Dog Eat Dog” below.

“[Co-producer] Andy [Seltzer] completely elevated not only the sound but the joy we found in building this track,” Tommy Lefroy add. “We went from moping about society to sampling swords (Tessa literally recorded herself sharpening knives in her parents’ kitchen) and laughing until we cried.”

Bethel and Mouzourakis met in Nashville in 2018, and then continued crossing paths at house parties. Mouzourakis went to see boygenius play in her hometown Vancouver, and thought to herself, “I want this, I can do this.” She then posted a cover of their song, “Ketchum, ID,” on her Instagram story, to which Winter responded, “Can we start a band?” And thus, Tommy Lefroy was born.

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