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Too Many Dongs Prompt City to Cut Adult Softball From Trinity Bellwoods Park

Dong. Dinger. Tater. Bomb. Big blast. Jack. Moonshot… Whatever you want to call it, home runs have effectively forced Toronto Parks to bump adult rec. league softball from the slate at Trinity Bellwoods Park.

While there’s certainly an argument to be made against park visitors setting up picnics in the outfield or cutting through the field play, 2018 will be the last season for adult softball in the park. Safety concerns for park visitors are at the centre of the decision, which Coun. Mike Layton says is due to players “exceeding the skill level” that the ball diamonds were constructed for.

“People were just hitting the ball further than what was anticipated and going beyond a pathway in the outfield and entering an area of the park where people were just really hanging out and not expecting to have flying softballs come at them,” Layton told CBC.

In addition to people complaining of being hit by balls, nearby residents have complained about foul balls hitting cars and in some cases taking out windshields.

The city is working to find a new home for west-enders using the Trinity Bellwoods diamonds to continue playing. According to Layton, the current options include Dovercourt Park, Coronation Park, Stanley Park, and Christie Pits Park. Youth leagues will continue to use the diamonds at Bellwoods.

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