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Top 10 DIY Holiday Decorations on a Budget

We are officially in the heart of the holiday season. Christmas trees are up, holiday themed coffee-based beverages are out, and Christmas carols are escaping from stores and restaurants across the city. While it’s traditional to set up a nice tree and a wreath — heck, maybe even some garland — that may not be realistic. Sometimes even the nicest wreath can’t distract from the fact that many of us still ultimately live in a tiny apartment. So, why deny that city, rustic aesthetic you have inherited? We have gathered a few decorations you can “DIY” from the comfort of your home, for all your holiday crafting needs.

Collage Tree

Chances are your apartment is too tiny and your wallet too empty for a full sized Christmas tree. Luckily, this collage tree is very simple and fun to make. It requires one string of lights arranged in a triangle. You can then fill it with whatever sparks your fancy. A combination of new, old, and handmade will give your tree a personalized and unique vibe. You could even use some old Christmas CDs or vinyl records to add a musical touch.


Edible Garland

This craft combines two holiday classics: timeless garland and some good old-fashioned holiday cookies. This edible garland tutorial is simple in that it only requires gingerbread cookie dough, cookie cutters, and string. It’s one of those decorations that look a lot fancier than it is. We challenge you to go all out and create a garland with a lyric from your favourite Christmas carol. Warning: this may require a little extra dough.


The “Real” Tree

The allure of a real Christmas tree is undeniable. However, they are expensive, they shed, and you constantly have to water them. Many of the little shops around the city sell small bundles of pine branches for relatively cheap. This minimalist Christmas tree will have the feel and the smell of a real tree without taking up all of the space.


DIY Ball Ornaments

Glass Ball Ornaments are so easy to decorate and there are plenty of options. The fun thing about these glass tree balls is that you can stuff them with pretty much anything and it’ll look festive. Fill it with glitter, mini marshmallows, or even sugar for a snowy look, tie a bow on it and call it a day. Easy peasy.


Paper Snowflakes

Paper snowflakes are a classic DIY holiday decoration. This year, we challenge you to get creative with it. Below you will find a picture of snowflakes that have a Star Wars twist to them, but why stop there? You could carry that idea over to famous musicians silhouettes or logos. Besides, everyone knows that no two snowflakes are alike.


Christmas Centrepiece in a Jar

This is a super easy and effective way to brighten up your living space this holiday season. Centrepieces can be done in a variety of ways, so don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to jars. Dollarama carries a lot of glasses containers, including vases, jars, and fancy bowls. Pick a nice looking container, fill it with Christmas decorations (Christmas ball ornaments are the easiest and look great), and voila. This whole project can be done for under 5 dollars via the dollar store.

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Christmas Ball Window

Have a small window that could use a little sprucing up? This Christmas ball window idea is very simple and can be done on a tight budget. All you need is a set of Christmas ball ornaments (pick whatever colour scheme you want) and some ribbon. The best part about this idea is you can pick whatever decorations you want, leaving lots of room for creativity.

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Ornament Wreath

The best DIYs are the ones that look complicated but are actually really simple. While there are many tutorials on the internet on how to make one of these shiny wreaths, the best and cheapest method we’ve found so far is an ornament wreath done via a wire coat hanger. Simply bend the wire hanger into a circle, untwist the wire at the top, and start piling on Christmas ball ornaments of any size and colour. When it’s finished, tie a big bow over the wire hook at the top to add some sophistication, and hang it on your door!

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Pine Cone Christmas Ornaments

Remember back in grade school when we’d go on a little field trip to the park, gather pine cones, and bring them back to class to decorate for the holidays? Who says you’re too old for pine cone crafts? Pine cone ornaments are extremely easy to make, cost almost nothing, and look great on the tree. You can decorate pine cones with pretty much anything. Glue some cupcake sprinkles on for a simple tree look, or go the extra mile and paint some snow on those bad boys. Anything goes.

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Gift Wrapped Door

Divert away from the typical door wreath and wrap your door like a present this holiday season. All you need is a bow and enough ribbon to stretch along the length and width of your door. This is a simple DIY project that looks aesthetically really cool.


Do you have any low budget tricks we missed? Let us know how you DIY-ed your holiday decor this year.





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