10 Reasons You Are The WORST Roommate

Make sure you're not THAT roommate

We were talking about bad roommates on The Morning After this week. Once I had a roommate who threw a phone at my head and busted a hole in the wall. When I moved in we were friends but when I started hanging out with people she didn’t like, she got jealous. She put the answering machine in her room, deleted messages from my friends and my mom. Then one day I was trying to get on the phone while she was having a two hour long conversation. When she finally got off the phone…she threw it at my head.

I actually moved out that night. Left a note saying that I would be back on the weekend to get my stuff. She showed up at my work that night with her friends to beat me up. But I’ve got some great roommates now!

Here is the list we on complied on The Morning After – the top 10 signs that you are the WORST roommate:

1. Eating leftovers
bad roomate 1

2. Smoking pot IN the house

3. Leaving laundry in the washer/dryer

4. Couch/TV/Remote hog
couch potato

5. Ruining Teflon frying pans with knives or metal utensils
frying pan

6. Bringing people home after the bar
bad roomate 6

7. Not cleaning out the fridge

8. You’re always home
always home

9. Live in GF/BF

10. You are a musician – at all hours of the night