Top 3 Places To Get Your Snack On After The Show

Your Toronto late night post-gig snack guide

We’ve all been there, drunk as a poet on payday after a gig and looking for something greasy to soak up all of that swampy draft beer. Here are a few of my go-to spots within stumbling distance of some of the city’s best venues.

Please chime in with your suggestions!

1. Venue: Lee’s Palace | Restaurant: Ghazale

This Feist-approved middle eastern spot is literally across the road from the venue and just about everything they serve is delicious. As a bonus there are loads of starch-heavy dishes to sop up your belly full of self-loathing. Open until 430am (!!!), delicious and super close to a venue…need I say more?

2. Venue: Lee’s Palace | Restaurant: Pizza Gigi

They got busted a few years ago for selling weed but that hasn’t slowed business down one bit, it might have actually increased. It’s about a 10 minute walk from the venue (if you’re zig-zagging it might be 20) but you could probably use some fresh air. This joint is a Toronto institution and has solid slices. Get on it, you need a power up before hitting the after hours. Open until 4am on weekend nights.

3. Venue: Drake Underground | Restaurant: Poutini’s

Being from Eastern Ontario near the Quebec border I’m convinced that it’s damn near impossible to get a good Pooter (poutine) west of Morrisburg. Poutine wears the crown when it comes to drunk food and the lack of respectable, authentic pooter in this city is shameful. Every bar has some lame pulled-pork version but I’m a purist. This spot is the best of the bunch and is open until 3am on weekends. Skip the noveau poutines and get a classic here.