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Top 5 Movies to Watch on Christmas Day

All the commotion, hustle, and bustle have all lead up to this: Christmas Day. By now, you’ve likely been to a hundred parties, seen literally every person that shares your last name, and probably scored some sweet gifts. What to do now? Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, you deserve a lazy day off so might we suggest a few flicks? Some are holiday-themed and others, well, are not.

White Christmas

It’s hard to picture Christmas without hearing Bing Crosby croon “White Christmas”. In this 1954 classic, he stars opposite Rosemary Clooney, Danny Kaye, and Vera Ellen. The music, the dancing, the pageantry: this one has it all.


After Billy Peltzer breaks a few rules with his Christmas gift, all kinds of hijinks and mischief ensue. This 1984 Spielberg gem is absolutely timeless, and perfect for a Christmas day viewing.

The Departed

Christmas is a time for family, being with loved ones, lying, going undercover, shooting snitches, F-bombs… Okay, okay, that is more the plot of The Departed, but this is a piece of cinema that is great no matter the season. Leo, Damon, Jack, Baldwin, Wahlberg, elder Sheen. Unreal cast, better picture.

Die Hard

Christmas Eve in LA: a perfect time for NYC cop John McClane to come see his wife and daughter. But Hans Gruber, a terrorist, has different plans. This 1988 explosion fest will get you fired up for Christmas Day. Bruce Willis. Die Hard.

Home Alone

Before Macaulay Culkin was tearing it up in the Pizza Underground, he was starring as 8-year-old Kevin McCallister in this cinematic masterpiece. Home Alone is essentially on a 24-hour loop in the holiday cable lineup, but with good reason.

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