Top 5 Pot Stories You Need To Know Today: April 20, 2016

Happy 420 edition of '5 Things You Need To Know'

#Happy420 edition of ‘5 Things You Need To Know Today’, a daily feature that I’ll be posting on after the Morning Show. We’ll keep you up to date on the latest local and international stories buzzing today.

BREAKING NEWS: The Health Minister just announced that pot legislation will come next Spring.

1. 420 RALLY

It’s 420 and the annual pot rally at Yonge Dundas Square will be a celebration this year since the government has promised to legalize. Organizers will hand out more than 1000 joints this afternoon.



It’s Christmas for pot smokers and while pot has not been legalized yet…dispensaries are popping up all over the city. Toronto police say that dispensaries are still technically illegal. That being said they fall into a grey area until the federal government moves forward with legislation.



This might be a good time to remind you that you CAN get into trouble trading pot on Bunz (Toronto’s online trading community). Cops can decipher your super secret codes “smokables” and “420”. Posting in code in not a legal defence and the absence of money does not make trafficking okay. Just FYI. Sorry to be a bummer.



Foodora put together a list of Toronto’s top munchies. Pizza came in 1st according to the food delivery service.

1. Pizza – 21%
2. Tacos – 12%
3. Nachos – 12%
4. Burger – 9%
5. Fried Chicken – 8%
6. Burrito – 8%
7. Other – 30%


Raina & Matt put together this handy weed strain sheet.


Happy 420 from yours truly “Purple Haze Diesel”

Main Image courtesy Carlos Gracia via Flickr