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Top 5 Rock n Roll Couples

When you’re a couple in a band you have to be able to work together and play together, and sometimes writing music is a combination of the two. Eventually you may even find yourself asking “is it the band keeping us together, or is it us keeping the band together?” Here are some couples that have blurred the lines between business and pleasure:

Win Butler & Regine Chassagne (Arcade Fire)
Did you know that Win is originally from Texas? He went to McGill in Montreal to get a degree in religious studies and that’s where he met Regine. They married in 2003 and welcomed a son in April 2013 – listen to them tell the story of how they first got together:

Matt Johnson & Kim Schifino (Matt & Kim)
Matt and Kim also met in school – in 2004 they were attending the Pratt school of art & design in Brooklyn. It’s not often you get to see inside a rock couple’s bedroom (and it’s not often you’d want to) but they do a choreographed bed routine in their video for “It’s Alright”.

Georgia Hubley and Ira Kaplan (Yo La Tengo)
The band’s name is Spanish for “I have it” and these two have had it together since 1984. They were already married when they formed the band, and together they’ve racked up more than a dozen releases.

Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry (Handsome Furs)
After Wolf Parade went on hiatus people called Dan’s wife Alexei the Yoko Ono of the band, and she admitted the title scared her. It may have been one of the stresses that eventually ended their marriage, but while they were together they recorded some stand-out tracks that will connect with fans of Wolf Parade or Dan’s newest band Divine Fits.​

Danielle and Drew McTaggart (Dear Rouge)
Danielle grew up in Red Deer (get it? Dear Rouge?) she and Drew had been friends for years and bonded over their love for music. They had a long-distance relationship until she moved to Vancouver and locked it down in 2010. See if you can spot any love-looks while they’re onstage this weekend at Adelaide Hall with Fast Romantics.

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