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Top 5 Worst Summer Songs

It’s finally driving-with-the-windows-down weather again which means everyone around can hear your cruising tunes. Here are some songs that you should never blast from a convertible.

What summertime song is the WORST? Let us know in the comments at the bottom.

In the summer of 1999 this song was absolutely everywhere. You could not escape their Abercrombie & Fitch. Not only is the song bad…the name of the band is actually worse. Lyte Funkie Ones. No thanks!


Remember this track from Paris Hilton? The video features the socialite on the beach shakin’ her booty. A lot of people hate this video which is why it is no longer available online. Looks like the negative comments got out of hand. If you need a refresher…you can skip to the 0:30 mark to see the video.


This song from Jimmy Buffett started a chain of mediocre restaurants. If you want to pay too much for a margarita, go to the Vegas of Canada (Niagara Falls).


Usually I would share my love of New Kids On The Block. Oh, the nostalgia! First time I ever loved a man (Jordan Knight). Problem with this song/video is that it came out waaaay past NKOTB’s prime. The summer of 2009. Boys they are not.


Just found out today that the lead singer of The Offspring made enough money off tracks like this to buy three planes. This morning, Matt announced in “What’s The Word, Music Nerd” that frontman Dexter might lose one of his planes since he’s behind on payments. Sadly, can’t “Bump in the Trunk” off a plane.

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