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Top 8 Destinations for French Fries in Toronto

Few things are greater appreciated than the simplicity of a thinly cut, fried potato. However, some places just know how to do it best. No matter how you like your fries, crunchy and crispy or soft and steamy, seasoned or unseasoned, this list has something for you. Toronto is a city full of diversity, and that doesn’t stop at our fries. Here are the 8 best places to go for fries in Toronto.



Yes, WVRST has some pretty notable sausages, but did you know that they were crowned “Best Fries in Toronto” by NOW Magazine for three years in a row? That’s right, when it comes to the golden goodness of a fried potato, WVRST takes the cake. With options ranging from $4.75 to $10.75, it’s your choice whether you want to indulge in simplicity, or dress your fries to the nines. They’ve quickly become famous for their Duck Fat Fries ($5.75 for a small, $8.25 for a large), but they also have what they call “Dirty Fries”, which come covered in peppers, jalapeños, sautéed onions and their signature WVRST sauce ($6.25 for a small, $9.25 for a large). And for only one extra dollar, you can make them Dirty Duck Fries. With options like these, WVRST is certainly a top contender for Toronto’s best fries.

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Most people think of the amazing Vietnamese style subs when they think of Banh Mi Boys, but their Asian flair doesn’t just stop at their sandwiches. Banh Mi Boys serves Kimchi Fries, and they are amazing. Their thick cut fries are topped with house made Kimchi, and if you so choose, you can add pulled pork. Tofu fries and sweet potato fries are among other menu items, but if that doesn’t sound like your thing, you can get the thick cut fries undressed, all on their own.



If you find yourself in Kensington Market, you might what to stop by Moo Frites. We promised you diversity, and this place definitely delivers. One of their most unique menu items are the Japo Frites, which come topped with wasabi and Japanese sweet mayo, seaweed and toasted black and white sesame for $6.25. They also do their own rendition of Kimchi Frites which will cost you $6.45.

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Poutine has been a Canadian staple for as long as we can all remember. But what is poutine without the fries? Just cheese and gravy, and that doesn’t sound anywhere near as good as cheese and gravy on top of fries. So if you want the best poutine experience possible, you should head over to Poutini’s House of Poutine. With plenty of twists on the classic poutine (for example, The Works Poutine, with sour cream,  bacon and chives) you won’t be bored here. They even have a fully vegan option, including Daiya cheese. But if you want the full fry tasting experience, you can also get their classic frites all on their own, or with any of their dipping sauces.

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For a taste of the good life, Beerbistro’s Belgian frites are bathed in luxury. These fries are blanched in beef tallow & duck fat, and served with their house made garlic mayo and smoke tomato ketchup. Don’t worry, for the hefty price of $7, you get enough to share, because these fries are served in a massive cone, delivered right to your table.



With all this talk of toppings and sauces, we need to bring it back to simplicity. Sometimes all it takes is a lightly seasoned french fry dipped in garlic mayo to make your mouth water. If just the thought of this makes you hungry, you should definitely check out Bellwoods Brewery. Their fries speak for themselves, and we guarantee you won’t miss any of the extra fixin’s.

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The best way to describe these fries is nothing less than delicate. If you like shoestring style fries, The Stockyards should be your go-to. These babies go perfectly with any of the main menu items, but they also shine on their own. They’re the perfect combination of thin, crunchy, and salty. And you can’t beat the price of just $5.

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Holy Chuck

If you’re not craving french fries yet, this place will at least make you curious. Holy Chuck has an extensive menu of potato varieties, and we mean extensive. They offer some of the most expensive french fries you’ll ever eat. Their Holy Chuck fries come with bacon and double cheese, topped with their house-made vino chili. If you want to feel wealthy, one of their most recognized menu items are the White Truffle fries, which come decorate with aged village cheese straight from northern Greece, French truffle oil, and white truffles from Italy, all alongside their white truffle mayonnaise. The price for all of that? $14.99. This comes in second to their Foie Gras Poutine, which rings in at a whopping $31.99. Not to worry, though, if all the options are overwhelming you, they’ve got plain old fresh-cut fries for only $3.79, and you’ll love them just as much.


Feature photo courtesy Ed Castillo via Flickr.

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