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Top Albums – Destroyer – Kaputt

When I played this record at my cottage this summer, both of my parents said it sounded like the eighties. Another description I’ve heard is “sad disco music.” I think both of them work quite well at summing up what Kaputt is all about.

The strength behind this album is in its mysterious familiarity. Like other albums this year, the charm comes from the melody – but also that one thing you can’t quite figure out.

The fun really comes into play when you begin to catch some of the themes in the subtext. At first I thought I was listening to the same song twice – but when I realized what Dan Bejar had actually done, it just made me smile. The songs aren’t repetitive, they’re fluid.

Kaputt is one of those records that will really stand the test of time. It could be because of its drawing on the past to do so, but it does it so well that it’s hard to believe it took this long for it to be written.

Favourite Tracks:


Savage Night at the Opera



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