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Top Albums – St. Vincent – Strange Mercy

Annie Clark’s voice had me wrapped around its finger this year. It’s just a sound you want to trust.

Strange Mercy is one interesting record. The first time I gave it a spin, I was surprised at how easily Clark was able to move from style to style with as much ease as she does. It’s up one minute and down the next. Some songs build to a frantic pace before disappearing at their peak – giving way to a mellow track to follow.

While that might sound a tad disorienting, it’s anything but. The strength behind Clark’s songwriting gives her a degree of certainty in where she’s taking you. Credit her abilities as a singer and a guitar player for that.

The lyrics help too. Clark is one of the most cerebral writers I was lucky enough to come across this year. Words just seem to flow with an ease that you wouldn’t think was possible. They follow a track of heartache, strength, with just a few secrets that she’s willing to give you a peek at without giving too much away.

Every time I put this record on I feel like I’m peering into a box that was hidden under my bed by Annie Clark. Each time I hear her songs I feel like I’m learning a little more about where she was coming from.

Favourite Tracks:

Strange Mercy



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