Listen: Bookie Chats with Ryan Adams About New Record ‘Prisoner’

On the Sunday Night Rock Show

On the Sunday Night Rock Show on Indie88 this weekend, Ryan Adams phoned in to speak with Bookie about his brand new record Prisoner.

Adams talked Bookie through each song on the record, of which Bookie calls a collection of “bittersweet symphonies.” Prisoner was recorded after Adams experienced an upsetting divorce, of which, all the heartbreak and gut-wrenching questions can be heard throughout. “To Be Without You” was born “out of necessity,” Adams said. “I Remember sitting down and that song just arrived. It arrived because I needed to say something. I had things on my mind.”

The pair sat also discussed Adams recording process, his love of Morrissey and more. Listen to clips from the full interview above.

Ryan Adams made an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden last week for a riveting performance of “Do You Still Love Me?” this week. Check that out below:

Adams kicks off a North American March 5th, and you can catch Ryan Adams at Massey Hall, May 9th when he comes to Toronto.