WayHome Director Talks Easter Eggs and 2017 Lineup

There's still more Easter Eggs to discover

Feeling WayHome sick already?

Matt from the Morning Show recently sat down to talk with Ryan Howes, the Creative Director of WayHome about their much speculated 2017 summer lineup, and the festival’s upcoming WayHome for the Holidays special event. Howes provided some useful insight about some hidden Easter Eggs that still haven’t been discovered.

Click above to listen to the highlights, or read the full transcript below:

MATT: So much going on with you guys right now, we were just talking about how Wayhome no longer is just a summer festival. You guys just released the wrap up video from 2016’s festival and a lot of people have it wrong, you’re saying that there’s still clues in there for the 2017 lineup.

RYAN: Yeah, we, we sent out an email blast after releasing short film last week and gave a hint that there’s some open URLs out there. There’s been some pretty smart fans who caught on right away and they’ve taken words that they’ve seen in the actual short film and put those at the back end of the URLs. So basically we inserted six hidden easter eggs but they’re not actually leaking the line up for 2017. It’s hidden content that is very rare and it was all filmed at Wayhome this past summer.

MATT: How many have been discovered, of these easter eggs?

RYAN: There’s about four that have been discovered so far. So there’s still, two out there that are a little bit harder to find.

MATT: You were saying that you were already in talks right now with finding out the line ups gonna look like for next summer.

RYAN: Yeah, absolutely you know it’s been a really quick two years, and we’re going into our third year, WayHome in 2017. We started a conversations in early September to start working and forming our line up and I can say that we’re gonna build on the line up for 2016. There’s even gonna be more depth: more dance music, more hip hop, more indie-rock as well. It’s gonna be even more well-rounded than 2016.

MATT: Is that coming from like an internal kind of vision you guys have for the festival? Or is it, are you taking cues from what the audience wants at this festival?

RYAN: Yeah, I think that it’s a combination of both. I think we’ve done a good job so far giving people, especially in the Toronto and Canadian market, What they want in a multi-day camping festival. It always comes down to the touring and routing and who is available as far as the artists out there, but we do want WayHome to become a multi-genre festival because really people don’t listen to one specific type of music anymore, they listen to 8 or 10 different genres. That’s what we want to cater to.

MATT: okay, give me one name.

RYAN: *laughter* Sorry. Maybe in a couple of months.

MATT: I knew there was no chance of that happening. Now, talk to me a little about Wayhome For the Holidays.

RYAN: Yeah, so, we had this great idea to do a full on Christmas show that really hasn’t been done in the past number of years in the downtown Toronto area. So, we’re doing ‘WayHome For the Holidays’ with The Darcys, Bear Mountain, and the Beaches, and there’s gonna be elements of WayHome throughout the actual event. But there’s gonna be full on Christmas elements like 25-foot high Christmas trees, and Christmas vendors. We’re gonna have this amazing school group from up north who’ll sing, and have Christmas performance put together as well. So it’s gonna be an amazing night and it’ll really kick off the holiday season in the Toronto area.

MATT: When can people expect any kind of line up announcements for 2017?”

RYAN: We’re gonna be looking at right after New Years. We’ll possibly tease some stuff before Christmas, butit’ll be full on early on in the New Year for 2017’s line up, and the plans and all the new offerings that we’re gonna have.

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