Top Five Fictional Best Friends

Did we just become best friends?

Happy National Best Friend Day! In celebration of this wonderful day we have put together a list of of the best, best friends, we’ve ever seen on screen.

Similar to our Top Five Fictional Turtles post, these rankings were created by a bunch of stats and numbers so we assure you it’s 100 per cent accurate.

5. The Simpsons: Lenny and Carl

I dare you to try and find a scene where these two aren’t together. This might be their biggest flaw though, imagine the separation issues.

4. Boy Meets World: Cory and Shawn

The original good boy meets bad boy friendship duo. No you hang up first 😉 😉

3. Parks and Recreation: Leslie and Ann

It’s hard to choose just one Parks and Recreation friendship. Ron Swanson and breakfast food were a close second.

2. Community: Troy and Abed

Before Donald Glover was Lando in the upcoming Han Solo film, he was a successful talk show host with his best friend. Troy and Abed in the moooooooooooooorning.

1. Step Brothers: Dale and Brennan

Hands down the most iconic best friends ever. Once you’ve done an interview in tuxedos together you’ve pretty much done it all.

Honourable Mention


Castaway: Tom Hanks and Wilson

You really get to know somebody when they are the only other living thing on an island with you.