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Top Five Greatest Cats (Hot Takes)

Happy International Cat Day everyone!

In celebration of this wonderful day, we have done countless hours of research and excel sheets to put together the most accurate list of the worlds greatest cats.

It’s truly sad that cats like Garfield, Simba, and The Cat In The Hat steal all the cat spotlight, so we decided to shed some light on some other important cats.

Consider this the top five greatest ‘hot take’ cats.


5. Mrs. Norris (Harry Potter)

Imagine putting up with the schmuck that is Angus Filch 24/7?


4. Mr. Bigglesworth (Austin Powers)

Must be tough being the worlds ugliest cat.


3. Jinxy (Meet The Parents)

Can the Pink Panther flush the toilet? Can Puss in Boots flush the toilet? Yeah didn’t think so…


2. Bandit And all of Angela’s cats (The Office)

May we all learn to love something as much as Angela loves her cats.


1. Katt Williams (Comedian, actor, and rapper)

Triple threat. The greatest cat of them all. An absolute no brainer for #1.

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