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Top Outdoor Activities To Do in Toronto This Summer

Summer is here and the living is easy! With so little time and so much to do, planning for the warmer months can be overwhelming. In the spirit of all that is good and fun, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best summer activities to fill those warm days and nights.

Edge Walk at The CN Tower

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Thrill-seekers take note! Experience the world’s highest hands-free external walk on a building at the CN Tower. You’ll be more than 360 metres high, giving you an unbeatable view of the city. Attached to some wires and decked out in the cutest red jumpsuit, you can go on up with your friends or family to hang off the edge of the core of our city! Check here for more details.

Go to An Outdoor Movie Screening

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There’s something truly magical about watching movies under the midnight sky! There are lots of opportunities to see outdoor movies this summer, with Open Roof Festival, an outdoor festival that brings together movies, music and alcohol, and Christie Pits Film Festival returning with a new list of outstanding movies, and the new Toronto Outdoor Picture Show. Grab a group of friends, a blanket and some snacks, and you are set to go.

Attend A Music Festival

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What screams summer more than spending an afternoon soaking in the sun and taking in the sounds of any of Canada’s music festivals? With festivals getting bigger and bigger every year, more are popping up. There are tones of great festivals to check out this year like Montreal’s Osheaga, Riverfest Elora, Rock the Park in London, and more.

Go on a Wine Tour

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When it comes to the grape stuff, Torontonians are lucky to live in close proximity to to some great areas for Wineries and wine tours. Niagara is a well-known alcoholic grape juice hot spot, as well as the booming Prince Edward County. Check out some of your favourite brands in their element, such as Vineland Estates, and maybe even find a new favourite!

Go Go-Karting

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Unleash your inner kid and challenge your friends to a round of playful racing at the Go-Kart tracks! There are a couple of great spots in the city, such as the 401 Mini-Indy and Canada’s Wonderland! There’s even a Mario-Kart inspired track in Niagara’s Clifton Hill area that is an absolutely must-hit this summer, so grab your helmet and take a ride!

Bike Through Toronto Island

Head to Toronto Island for one of the most scenic bike rides you can experience in Toronto. There are bike options for any size of group, including singles, tandems, and two and four-seater quadricycles – just be sure to get there early before they run out for the day!

Plan A Trip to Canada’s Wonderland

Become a ride warrior and head to Canada’s Wonderland! Since 1981, this Vaughan roller coaster park has been GTA’s go-to location for thrill-seeking. The park is opening up again on May 3rd for the summer, and coming along with the opening is a new ride launch with the brand new Yukon Striker. This coaster has already broken 3 world records and features a 360-degree loop that has never been seen before on a dive coaster!

Visit a Farmers Market

As the weather gets warmer, farmer’s markets pop up everywhere in Toronto. From Monday to Sunday you can pick up fresh fruit and veggies from local farmers. There are even more vendors with even cooler merchandise, like fresh honey and homemade baked goods. Grab a snack and a coffee and head out for a walk in the sunshine! Check our list for full details!

Go Kayaking/Canoeing

Get paddling this summer! If you’re downtown, check out Harbourfront Canoe & Kayak Centre to get you to Toronto Island, or take a ferry and pick up a kayak or canoe while you’re there. For west-enders, Toronto Adventures have rentals to get you coasting down the Humber River.

Go Patio Hopping

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Grab a couple of pals for a casual afternoon of sipping on some adult beverages. There’s a ton of great patio spots no matter where you are in the city, the only difficulty is getting a seat in time! The perfect patio means the perfect Instagram moment, so you are bound to get some amazing pictures with your friends, too!

Host A Picnic

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Avoid the long lines of local watering holes and do your own thing. You may have to fight your way through the crowd at Trinity Bellwoods, but there are plenty of great spots around the city for you to bring your own lunch! Check out full list of places to picnic here.

Go Paddle-boarding

Get out on the open water and soak it all in. There’s no better way to enjoy the waves than to hop up on a paddle board. WSUP offers lessons for first-timers in addition to sunrise and/or sunset opportunities, and yoga excursions. TISUP offers similar packages for cruising around on Toronto Island!

Check out Kensington Market Pedestrian Sunday

When summer hits and the warmer weather peaks, there’s something uniquely Toronto about strolling through the streets of Kensington Market. The neighbourhood comes alive every last Sunday of the month between May and October for Pedestrian Sundays, as the streets shut down to vehicles and fills with live music, buskers and vendors.

Try Yoga In The Park

Clear your schedule to clear your mind. Up your yoga experience by engaging your other senses; the smell of trees, the sounds of birds chirping, the feel of summer dew bringing you to an ultimate moment of zen. Check out Park Yoga Toronto for classes.

Check out a Petting Zoo

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There are actually way more petting zoos in and around the city than you might think. Of course, city dwellers know Riverdale Park petting zoo is a perfect place to take kids on the east end, and west-enders often make the trip to the High Park petting zoo all-year round. Other great options include Pingles Farm Market in Oshawa, Forsythe Family Farms in Uxbridge and Lionel’s Farm in Stouffville.

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