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Toro y Moi features on new FKJ single ‘A Moment Of Mystery’

Just a few weeks after releasing his new album, Mahal, Toro y Moi is back to feature on French multi-instrumentalist FKJ’s new single “A Moment Of Mystery.”

FKJ is gearing up to release his new album, V I N C E N T, which features his Carlos Santana collaboration, “Greener.” Today’s preview, “A Moment Of Mystery” is a pretty laidback tune. Toro Y Moi delivers his distinctive vocal lines atop dreamy synths and jazzy melodies.

“I met with Chaz and Tony, who plays keys in Toro Y Moi, for the first time at this session,” FKJ explains. “The energy was real smooth, and we got in the zone quickly. We couldn’t stop playing. Even if sometimes we’d try to take a break to write and structure something, we would end up getting distracted by all these toys in the studio and start jamming again for another hour or two. At the end of the session, we had all these demos. I took them back home and played with them. The next time I came to San Francisco, Chaz and I met again and chose a couple of them to finish, including ‘A Moment of Mystery,’ which made it to this album.”

Listen to “A Moment Of Mystery” below.

“Vincent, Tony and I jammed out this track at different fur in SF when Vincent flew in to work on his record,” Toro Y Moi adds. “I ended up writing about the moments of desire and the tension we feel when we’re away from loved ones. I wanted the listener to feel as if things are open ended with the person on the other side.”

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