Toronto Artists Turning Traffic Signal Boxes into Works of Beauty

'Outside the Box' program gives street painters city-owned canvases

Outside the Box Toronto is an art program as part of the StreetARToronto initiative that empowers street artists to have their work legally displayed on property.

StreetARToronto’s aim is to deter vandalism in parts of the city that are commonly targeted, like bridge underpasses, open walls and traffic signal boxes by giving artists who apply permission to legally paint over these spots. With 120 traffic signal boxes painted in the last three years, the city is now accepting applications from artists to paint another wave. If you are an experienced illustrator/painter/wrapper, check here to apply, or if you’re just an appreciator of street art take a look at some fine examples below:

Here's another mural we did with StreetARToronto last summer! It's outside the Eaton Center (Young and Shuter), if you want to check it out!

Posted by Insect Cabaret on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Here're some bird friends we painted this summer! They're at the intersection of Young and Gerard if you want to check them out! Thanks to StreetARToronto for this great opportunity!

Posted by Insect Cabaret on Saturday, February 6, 2016