Toronto Bars To Stop Giving Plastic Straws with Drinks


Environmentally-conscious Toronto bar owners are taking part in a movement to stop giving customers cocktail straws with their drinks.

The decision is a part of a larger movement to cease the flow of plastic trash that has been making its way into the world’s oceans. Torontonians have become more aware of the effect they personally have on the environment, largely due to the circulation of photos and videos shared to social media showing how plastics have a harmful impact on sea creatures.

For example, a gruesome video of conversationalists removing a plastic straw from a turtles nostril has been making its way around the internet. The video and ones like it sparked a movement with the hashtag #StrawsSuck. Since then bars worldwide have taken the pledge to remove straws from their bars, joining in on the conversation on social media.

According to the CBC, Gift Shop Cocktail Bar and The Dakota Tavern have both stopped service straws to their customers. If a customer requires a straw, they opt for biodegradable ones.
Photo by Michael Discenza on Unsplash