Toronto BBQ restaurant owner defying provincial orders greets bylaw officers with Rage Against The Machine

The ironing is delicious

Adam Skelly, the owner of Toronto restaurant Adamson Barbecue, defied provincial orders Tuesday and opened his Etobicoke location for in-door dining. Skelly took to Instagram Monday evening to announce that his restaurant would be open, despite the government’s move to close restaurants in the area for 28 days due to rising COVID-19 infection numbers.

“For anybody who’s a fan of freedom and sovereignty, the right to choose what you wear, where to go, who to have over at your house, what businesses you can go to, I would love to meet you,” Skelly said in his Instagram post.

The restauranteur is apparently a man of his word. Skelly opened his newest Adamson Barbecue location for business on Tuesday, blasting Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing In The Name Of,” a song inspired by the 1991 LA riots, while bylaw officers entered the building on Tuesday.

Rage Against The Machine remain one of the most commonly misunderstood bands among the population of knuckleheads.

Adamson Barbecue operates three restaurants in Ontario, with locations in Leaside, Etobicoke, and one in Aurora.