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Toronto Board of Health Votes to Decriminalize Marijuana

The Toronto board of health has recently made a unanimous vote to decriminalize marijuana immediately. The board raised the concern that possession convictions should cease considering the fact that the drug is supposed to become legal by July 2018.

The recommendation was made by Toronto’s medical officer of health, Dr. Eileen de Villa and the vote was carried on Monday.

Despite the promise made by the federal government to legalize marijuana, de Villa notes that “a significant number of young Canadians will continue to obtain criminal charges before cannabis is legalized.”

As part of de Villa’s recommendation, she also called for the provincial government to work out how marijuana will be legally sold and distributed, particularly among young people. She has also called for Ontario to control the substance using a structure similar to the LCBO but for weed.

Feature photo courtesy Dank Depot via Flickr.

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