Are People Overreacting to this Café’s Tupac-Shakur Inspired Drink?

"Tupac" latte has 5 shots and "bullet holes"

A Toronto Café is coming under fire for a hidden menu item, named in poor taste after the late rapper Tupac.

A hidden menu item from Dundas West café Run and Gun Coffee called the “Tupac Latte” was revealed in a BlogTO listing, which is made up of five shots of Espresso, dotted with five “bullet holes” of milk.

Before Tupac Shakur was famously gunned down outside a Las Vegas strip in 1996, the rapper lived after being shot 5 times and survived in 1994. Tupac boasted about surviving the attack in his songs, for instance, the song “5 shots” has the lyrics: “Got shot 5 times, got out of jail on bail and sold 5 million.”

Since the posting, Torontonians have been active on social media, sharing their distaste for the drink.

As a hidden menu item, the public outcry warrants a discussion. When Toronto Star talked to Jason Lootz, the husband of the Café owner, he said the drink was only discovered during the interview because a frequent customer “who had been playfully ordering” since the Café opened, ordered one at the time. “The Tupac latte is not on our menu, it was never, really, meant to be on there,” he added.

Image via BlogTo.