Toronto ‘Chair Girl’ avoids jail, sentenced to probation and community service

Let's close the bo... er, uh fold the chair on Marcella Zoia

At last, the saga of Marcella “Chair Girl” Zoia has come to a close. Zoia was sentenced to a $2,000 fine, two years of probation, and 150 hours of community service after pleading guilty to throwing a chair off a downtown condo balcony in February of 2019.

Zoia will not go to jail, and was not handed down any form of social media ban.

Zoia appeared in a widely circulated social media video, throwing a chair over a Toronto high rise balcony in the winter of 2019. She eventually turned herself in to Toronto police and was charged with mischief endangering life, mischief damage to property, and common nuisance.

Luckily, no injuries were reported following the stupidly dangerous incident.