Toronto Chicken Joint Serving Up Ramen Burgers

Riverdale's KABOOM Chicken offers Korean street style foods

Toronto’s KABOOM Chicken is a Korean style fried chicken restaurant that combines traditional Korean culinary practices with western food. KABOOM’s menu includes thigh and drum on a bubble egg waffle, braised galbi beef on fries, and recently what is known as a Ramen burger.

Founders Richard Lee and Chris Stevens decided to open KABOOM after Lee took a trip to New York.

“Richard was in New York and he started to notice a trend in Korean fried chicken,” said Stevens. “There was one in Jersey that he especially really liked. When we got back to Toronto we realized that there was no Korean Fried Chicken to be found. It seemed like we found ourselves a little niche.”

After taking a try at a few food festivals and receiving a good response from customers, the two decided to open a more permanent spot at Queen and Broadview.

“We figured we had a great product and a decent reception from the food festivals so why not get started,” said Stevens. “We did all the renovations ourselves, it took us about a month and a half to get it all done and then we opened the doors!”

Stevens also explained that the Ramen burger, which was recently added to KABOOM’s menu and features Ramen noodles in lieu of a bun, was a way for Lee and Stevens to do something different.

“We wanted something that would pop. Something that was different. It’s a constant work in progress, tweaking it here and there. It’s something you work at from home — it either comes together or falls apart”.