Toronto city council votes to regulate Uber

Ride-sharing is here to stay, but will face some regulation in 2016.

Uber fans rejoice, the popular ride-sharing program isn’t going anywhere soon. City Council had a heated 6 hour discussion over the fate of alternate transportation services, and has decided to look into regulating Uber and services like it.

So, what does this mean? According to BlogTo, Uber can continue operating as is for another year, but they may face tighter restrictions the coming year. Taxi driver’s also had a small win, as the standard fee will drop a dollar to $3.25, as of November. This will hopefully make it a little easier for regular cabs to stay relevant in the new world of ride-sharing.

Cab drivers are hoping that Uber drivers will need to adhere to the same set of regulations – criminal checks, providing proof of insurance, mechanical inspection results, etc.
What do you think about Uber and car-sharing services? Should they have to face the same regulations as taxis? Let us know in the comments.