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Don’t Forget To Breathe At These 6 Toronto Comedy Shows

Laugh To Your Heart’s Content At One Of Toronto’s Comedy Shows

Whether you prefer stand-up, improv, or sketch comedy, Toronto’s vibrant comedy scene guarantees a night of belly laughs. Toronto comedy shows bring out both emerging and renowned comedians who deliver non-stop hilarity.

Enjoy clever punchlines and witty observations in cozy, welcoming atmospheres. Gather your friends, let loose, and laugh to your heart’s content. Toronto comedy shows promise unforgettable entertainment and endless smiles.

Let’s take a look at six solid shows that can provide you with your next hilarious night out.

6 Upcoming Comedy Shows In Toronto

Toronto comedy shows
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1) Dara Ó Briain: So… Where Were We? (Sep 9th)

Toronto comedy shows
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Dara Ó Briain’s “So… Where Were We?” is a comedic masterpiece, blending sharp wit and observational humour. In this uproarious show, Dara navigates the absurdities of modern life, from technology woes to parenting challenges, in his signature energetic style. Prepare for a hilarious journey with this Irish comedy legend.

As far as Toronto comedy shows go, this one will be amazing.

2) Nurse Blake: Shock Advised Tour (Sep 9th)

Toronto comedy shows
Image: @nurse.blake on Instagram

Nurse Blake’s “Shock Advised Tour” on September 9th promises an unforgettable night of laughter and insight. As a nurse turned comedian, Blake shares hilarious anecdotes and healthcare humor, offering a unique perspective on the medical world.

His wit, charisma, and relatable tales of life in scrubs will leave the audience in stitches. However, he also sheds light on the daily adventures of healthcare professionals in an educational way.

3) JFL Toronto With Headliner Ronny Chieng (Sep 23rd)

Toronto comedy shows
Image: @ronnychieng on Instagram

Don’t miss the comedy extravaganza featuring headliner Ronny Chieng on September 23, 2023, in Toronto. Presented by JFL Toronto, this Toronto comedy show promises a night of uproarious laughter.

Ronny Chieng, known for his razor-sharp wit and appearances on “The Daily Show” and “Crazy Rich Asians,” will have the audience in stitches with his hilarious observations and comedic brilliance.

4) JFL Toronto – Tom Papa (Sep 28th)

Toronto comedy shows
Image: @tompapa on Instagram

Get ready for a night of laughter with Tom Papa on September 28, 2023, in Toronto, courtesy of JFL Toronto. Tom Papa, a seasoned comedian and writer, brings his unique brand of humour to the stage.

Known for his relatable, family-friendly comedy and appearances on “The Joe Rogan Experience” and “Conan,” Papa will suits all. However, he’s also sure to have the adults in stitches with his witty observations on everyday life.

5) Anjelah Johnson-Reyes (Sep 29th)

Toronto comedy shows
Image: @anjelahjohnson on Instagram

Prepare for a night of uproarious comedy with Anjelah Johnson-Reyes on September 29, 2023, in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Known for her infectious humor and memorable characters like Bon Qui Qui, Anjelah Johnson-Reyes delivers a side-splitting performance that blends clever observations with hilarious storytelling.

Her appearances on “Mad TV” and successful stand-up tours have made her a comedy sensation. Because of her comedic brilliance, you won’t want to miss this Toronto comedy show. Secure your tickets on Ticketmaster for an unforgettable evening filled with laughter, wit, and unforgettable entertainment. Further, you’ll also get the beautiful backdrop of Niagara Falls!

6) Nimesh Patel: Fast and Loose Tour (Oct 13th)

Toronto comedy shows
Image: @findingnimesh on Instagram

Join Nimesh Patel on his “Fast and Loose Tour” on October 13th for an evening of comedy that’s bold, unapologetic, and thought-provoking. Patel, celebrated for his sharp social commentary and fearless humour, tackles contemporary issues with wit and insight.

Further, with appearances on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” and “Comedy Central,” he’s become a rising star in the comedy world. Because of this, you won’t want to miss this chance to experience Patel’s fearless comedy. Additionally, his incisive perspective will take you on a rollercoaster ride of laughter and contemplation.

We hope you enjoy all of these incredible upcoming comedy shows!

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