Toronto Company Has Just Revolutionized The Vinyl Press

A group of Canadians are making an impact on vinyl record industry with new technology

Since vinyl’s 21st century reboot, the demand for wax has been a climbing one. We saw this at the end of 2016 when BuzzAngle Music released a comprehensive report on 2016’s trends in music sales.

However, it seems that the vinyl industry has seriously lagged on developing new technologies to make it easier for distributors to meet the growing demand for nostalgia. In fact, according to an article published by Wired, it’s been about 30 years since record-pressing machines have been modified. now, thanks to a company in Toronto, the way we press vinyl is about to change.

Enter the Warm Tone record press, a revolutionary vinyl pressing machine designed and implemented by Toronto-based company Viryl Technologies.

Sitting at the hefty cost of $195,000, the Warm Tone is faster, more durable, and exceedingly more efficient than traditional pressing machines. Older machines are notorious for breaking and requires intensive supervision.

The Warm Tone, on the other hand, is fully automated, mobile-friendly, can be controlled via iOS, and runs on a 20 second cycle time versus the traditional 35 seconds, producing more records at a quicker rate.

Hand Drawn Records, an independent label located in Texas, became Warm Tone’s first customer after purchasing the new machine for their in-house vinyl pressing business. Check out the video below to see Viryl Technologies’ Warm Tone machine in action.