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Toronto Residents Biggest Complaints About Living in Condos

Since nearly half (44 per cent) of us in Toronto live in some sort of condo or apartment building, have you ever wondered what your neighbours might think of you?

As part of their “Vertical City” series, CBC Toronto has examined the city’s most frequent complaints about living with hundreds of other people under one roof.

One highlight from the list is the problem of residents not picking up after their pets. One resident had a nasty issue of dealing with an upstairs neighbour whose dog peed indoors. According to the report, “the spills would sometimes drip into her unit through the ceiling and wall.”

An equally disgusting problem many residents have complained about is finding cigarette butts on their balconies and terraces. This is often the case when people decide to throw their cigarette butts of their balconies, rather than use an ashtray.

Other complaints include smoke and smells, noise, condo management, and shared amenities. Check out CBC Toronto’s full article here.
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