Toronto Condo Wants To Start Charging Dog Owners More Monthly

Condo building to charge 'spot cleaning' fee

Having a family in Toronto is expensive enough, but one downtown condo building is trying to squeeze even more out of their dog-owning residents

A notice was posted to residents of the Quad Lofts II near Brant Street and Spadina Avenue, saying the building would be charging an extra $15 to dog owners every month. According to the notice, the added fee is to pay for added “spot cleaning.”

“We are fortunate to have many pet owners in Quad II, and the Board of Directors understands the importance of pets in peoples’ lives,” the statement begins.

“Unfortunately some dog owners are not taking responsibility for their dogs, and are allowing them to defecate and urinate on the common elements, and bring in extra debris without cleaning up after them.”

But some aren’t convinced it’s a sound argument, making the comparison to charging residents for having children.

The new rules are currently set to take place May 2nd, though some are calling into question the legality of the new rules. In the original article posted to CBC, an expert in condo law and Toronto Lawyer Audrey Loeb said that the new rule is “not enforceable.”