Toronto Could Adopt a New ‘Zombie Law’

Citizens could be fined up to $35 for texting while crossing the street

Everybody is familiar with the laws against distracted driving, but there could be the potential of similar laws against distracted walking in Toronto.

Honolulu, Hawaii recently incorporated what they call a “zombie law” meaning that anyone caught texting or otherwise not paying attention while crossing the street can be fined up to $35, and that charge could increase for repeat offenders.

There are no other laws like this around the world, and people are wondering if Toronto could benefit from tightening the rules for the large amounts of pedestrians in the city. In 2016, roughly 1,000 people across the country were surveyed, and 66 per cent of them said they would support a law like this.

The city of Toronto tried to do this last year, but the province rejected the idea pretty quickly. Mayor John Tory feels that this wouldn’t be the best use of our resources. Constable Clint Stibbe of the Toronto Police says, “We shouldn’t need a law for common sense.”

While it doesn’t look like the city will be incorporating a “zombie law” any time soon, with Honolulu being the first to ban distracted walking, more and more cities could be considering something similar.

Feature image courtesy of Matthew Kenwrick via Flickr.