Toronto Could Be Getting Its First Gondola

The gondola would soar over the Don Valley

Cars, buses, and trains are boring compared to being able to float around in a comfy gondola.

According to an article written by the Toronto Star, a private company named Bullwheel International Cable Car Corp. has made a $20 to $25 million proposal for Toronto to have it’s first gondola.

The car would soar over the beautiful scenery of the Don Valley and connect Danforth Ave. with the Evergreen Brick Works on Bayview Ave.

The CEO of the company said that the Don Valley Cable Car is envisioned to be a new major tourist attraction. The ride could be running in three or four years if the plan is approved and approached in an industrious manner. It would be built and run without public money.

A round trip on the gondola would take about eight minutes to make the 1 km trip, and would cost about $10. There would be 40 heated and fully-accessible cabins, holding up to eight people. The trip would cost more for tourists than for locals, with annual/family passes available for purchase.

The gondola will need approval by the city and the public, but Mayor John Tory is all for the idea. Tory told the Star, “We’re trying to come to grips with what kinds of ways we can provide people greater access to the ravines without being too obtrusive… The concept of a cable car that goes through some land that is beautiful and scenic is very appealing.”

For more information you can visit the Don Valley Cable Car website or a community information session which is being held at 7 pm on Mar. 8 at the Estonian House on 958 Broadview Ave.

(Images courtesy of Don Valley Cable Car)