Toronto Councillor To Wants Throw Free Tragically Hip Show At Downsview Park

Following massive ticket scalping backlash

Toronto Councillor Josh Colle has a better way to get back at scummy ticket scalpers who snatched up all of The Tragically Hip’s (could be final) summer tour, and give back to fans cheated out of seeing the band one last time: by throwing a them a free show at Downsview park.

“I just thought with all the obvious demand out there, and the frustration on the ticket side …” Colle told The Toronto Star. “It would just be a really fantastic opportunity to let everyone thank, celebrate the Tragically Hip and what they’ve meant to the city and to Canada and to all our music lives.”

Colle sent a note to MP Michael Levitt to back up the idea. Both are lifetime fans of the Hip. “I hope it is a possibility; that of course is a decision for the band’s management to consider,” Levitt said.

Mississauga Councillor Nando Iannicca has also jumped on the idea, suggesting that her city could also host an all expenses paid show at Celebration Square for the band.

Colle hopes they seriously consider his idea, expressing his love for the band: “They do have a really special connection to Toronto. I know the whole nation feels an ownership to them, but with Gord being a Torontonian and their connection to the city, I think it would be appropriate to celebrate them in grand style here.”

Neither The Hip nor their management Eggplant Entertainment have been available for comment yet.