Toronto Cracking Down on Drinking in Trinity Bellwoods

This summer, there will be a zero tolerance policy for anyone caught drinking in public parks.


This summer, Toronto Police will be cracking down on alcohol consumption in Trinity Bellwoods Park. There has been a rise in complaints over the past years from residents in nearby neighborhoods of loud disruptive behavior, and in certain incidences, damaged property.

“We recognize that Trinity Bellwoods Park is a place that many young people go to loiter in the summer months. Loitering is a behavior that has a history of leading to alcohol consumption, drug use, and the behaviors we are getting complaints about.” says Jessica Roger with the City of Toronto.

As a deterrent, Toronto Police Services will be enacting a zero tolerance policy to alcohol consumption and unruly behavior in the park. They will be ticketing ($125) every person caught with open liquor and disposing of it accordingly. The city has talked to many members of the community and have their full support. Their main goal is to make Toronto parks family friendly destinations for more than just the younger demographics, and above all else, a place that families can feel safe to bring their children.


Listen to the reaction from Toronto here.