Toronto design firm posts sexist job application

Applications are currently closed for this 1950s-like sexist job posting

It’s 2015 right? Sometimes I’m honestly not sure because of things like this.

“Make Your Web Image Stand Out” reads one of the headlines of this Toronto Design firm’s website. “Your Website needs to have a strong corporate image — it will be the face of your company in the online world.” they continue.

Well guys, HATE to break it you, but maybe whoever does your job postings should learn a lesson or two from your own company, because it’s not the 1950s anymore. In a job posting on LinkedIn for a “Content Writer & SEO Specialist” at Vestra Inet position, a note at the bottom details one important prerequisite to consider before applying:


It reads as follow:

Please note that the Position requires filling in the responsibilities of a receptionist, so female candidates are preferred.

Not only is it illegal to discriminate someone by their gender, it’s a wee bit offensive to say that females are “preferred” in a receptionist role, just saying.

Main image courtesy Matt Gibson via Flickr