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Toronto Dog Poop Police Coming to the Rescue

Toronto is about to crack down on dog owners that don’t poop and scoop, Law and Order style.

According to Metro, Poo Prints Canada is trying to implement a DNA-based poop testing service at local condominiums in hopes to eliminate dog waste in public areas. The American arm of the organization has already marked it’s territory in 1,800 condos in the states.

The company has one mission, and one mission alone: To keep dog poop off lawns, sidewalks and other public places. And, they’re willing to get up close and personal to do so.

Poo Prints does a cheek swabs of all the dogs in a building, and then adds to sample of the DNA to the dog’s registry. Then, if a property manager happens to come across a pleasant surprise from your pooch, he/she can send a sample (yes, a sample of the dog poop) to the special lab for testing. If the poop sample matches your pup’s DNA swab, you’re hit with a hefty fine – up to $300, to be exact.

Chances are, this new concept won’t affect your day to day life, but rather, remind you to clean up after your furry friend. Toronto Police are reminding all pet owners that failure to pick up after your little buddy can still land you a $240 fine. Talk about a crappy bill.

Image courtesy Ryan via Flickr

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