Toronto Drops Almost 1 Million Unpaid Parking Tickets

You might be off the hook

It looks like your extra effort to dispute a parking ticket might have paid off. The city of Toronto decided to drop 880,000 unpaid parking tickets issued between 2002 and 2014 over the weekend.

Why, you ask? After looking into the cases, City lawyers determined that there wasn’t a good enough chance of winning the disputes since they’ve taken so long to go to trial. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms entitles the right to a trial within a reasonable amount of time, and for parking tickets that’s typically 12 to 16. Because pursuing hundreds of thousands of tickets outside of this time frame will likely not result in conviction, the City is avoiding inevitable administration costs of failed cases. The cancelled tickets could have brought an estimated $20 million in revenue.

Wondering if you’re off the hook? Go here and entre your parking infraction number, driver’s licence number, or a Registrant Identification Number (RIN). If your ticket has been dropped, the status will read “Cancelled, Withdrawn, Complete”.

What do you think of the City’s decision to drop all these parking tickets? Let us know below.
(Photo by marc falardeau via Flickr)