Toronto falls far below Montreal on list of best cities in the world

Toronto clocked in at 23, whereas Montreal was 6th

Toronto clocked in at number 23 on Time Out’s list of the best cities in the world, which isn’t too bad, but Montreal ranked well above the rest of Canada, ringing in at number 6 on the list.

Time Out’s annual best city ranking is put in order by surveying thousands of city residents around the world. A variety of factors are included, such as food, drink, nightlife, community, culture, aesthetic appeal, convenience, affordability, and happiness.

Toronto did pretty well considering there are at least tens of thousands of cities across the globe, but with such a high ranking, Montreal fell behind only New York, Melbourne, Chicago, London, and Los Angeles respectively.

Although we may not be listed as the best city in Canada, Torontonians did rank happier than the global average.