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Toronto Fusion Food on a Budget

Toronto’s a big place and with a population of 2,791,140 (as of 2012), it’s the fourth largest city in North America—and 49.9% of us are foreign born. Now, this can be qualified and quantified to mean all kinds of things, but we’re going to look at something basic. We all have to eat, and this kind of diversity can lead to some inventive combinations. Here’s some interesting fusion food you can find in Toronto if you’re hungry, experimental, and on a budget.

Asian Burritos
Chinos Locos is a $6-9.00 adventure. Burritos are filled with things like General Tao chicken, BBQ boneless ribs, and Korean beef, wrapped up in a burrito with guacamole and veggies. Some people might feel trepidation with this kind of experimentation, but be comforted: Minh La, the owner, was formerly the chef at Blow Fish, an upscale Asian restaurant on King, so good things are at hand here.


Shawarma Pizza
Albion’s Pizza Shawarma serves huge burritos, pizza, shawarma, and the infamous special, pizza topped with shawarma chicken, bonus is that it’s open till 3am Fridays and Saturdays. Never thought a term like multi-culti-drinking-food would exist, but there you go.


Korean Burgers
Airima’s Kitchen serves homemade Korean food inside of St. Clair subway station. For $5, you can get the bolgogi burger. It’s made of Korean sliced sirloin marinated in soy, garlic, brown sugar and onion, presented on a large hot dog bun and accompanied by hot sauce, fried onions, and cucumber.

(Photo: Spotlight Toronto)

Tandoori Fettuccini
If you have a good curry, really, there’s no need to feel forced to eat it with only either naan or rice. That sentence might sound like heresy to some, but pasta and Indian food can get along together quite nicely. At Waterfalls Indian Tapas in Kensington Market, it’s an unassuming $11.00 entry in the pasta section, but it works. Next time you run out of rice at home, take heed.


Kraft Dinner and Whatever’s Around
Because KD is versatile and you may as well do whatever you feel like. Take it from one who knows: it goes ok with haggis, so it will probably work with whatever you have hanging around.

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