Toronto garage spreading #communitylove, giving away scarves

Positive vibes

A Master Mechanic auto-repair shop in the Dundas and Roncesvalles area is in the business of spreading ‘#CommunityLove’ this holiday season.

Owner Josie Candito and her associates have been posting positive messages on the shop’s billboard and hanging scarves for those in need of some extra warmth to take.

“Temperatures are dropping fast so we’re just trying to help those who are going through a rough time,” Candito told Metro.

“The world’s gotta get kind again, you know,” she said. “You hear all the negative stuff all the time, and sometimes you just need somebody to make you feel better.”

Candito ordered 100 scarves to hang from the billboard, according to Metro. She’s since had customers community members pledge to contribute more to her cause.

Now that’s the spirit of giving.

Image via Twitter/FiixSoftware