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Toronto ‘Garfield’-themed pizza restaurant GarfieldEATS has closed

The famously controversial Garfield-themed pizza restaurant GarfieldEATS has officially shut its doors.

From Garfield-shaped pizzas to Garfuccinos, this restaurant quickly garnered local fame after food reviews went viral on Twitter.

“GarfieldEATS closed its storefront last Monday (we hate Mondays anyways), but aggressively continues with its e-commerce operations selling merchandise and Frozen Big Cow Lasagnas only which you can throw in the oven anytime; removing all other menu items and specializing in lasagna, one popular product everyone loves, so as Garfield since 1978,” the restaurant wrote in a press release. “No landlord can take that recipe away from us. Who needs another brick and mortar anyways! No one is looking to open-up, but rather work digitally and smarter.”

They might open another store in the future, but in the meantime, GarfieldEATS is sticking to selling lasagna online.

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