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Toronto has been named one of the unhappiest cities in Canada

We’ve done it, Toronto. We’ve officially been named one of the unhappiest cities in Canada.

In the Toronto Foundation’s 17th annual Toronto’s Vital Signs report, which was released last week, it was revealed that Toronto is one of the least happy cities in Canada. The 144-page report also researched and analyzed various areas like housing, education, safety and culture, and health and wellness.

“Despite strong physical health, Toronto is by several measures the least happy city in the country, with our young people the least happy of all,” the report states. “Emergency room visits for mental health are increasingly extremely rapidly among young adults, as are hospitalizations for eating disorders.”

Additionally, the report reveals that opioid deaths and alcohol poisonings are “increasing rapidly” in Toronto, and low-income groups are affected the most. Those low income residents, in addition to Torontonians aged 18 to 29 and people who don’t own homes, have “low life-satisfaction” and their happiness is “much lower in the city of Toronto versus the rest of the GTA.”

Not only does the report reflect on Toronto’s current status, but it reveals that the gap between the rich and poor will continue to grow in the city, forcing these problems to get more severe.

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