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Another Heat Wave Will Be Passing Through Toronto This Week

Last week was scorching hot, with the heat being felt all across Canada. The wave killed nearly 60 people in Quebec, and we all felt a sigh of relief after large thunderstorms brought the temperature back down.

However, that relief was short lived, as The Weather Network reported that the heat is expected to climb back up again this week.

It won’t be as humid as last week, but the weather will get hotter as the days go on. The temperature is expected to peak on Sunday, with 31 degrees, feeling like 38.

According to The Weather Network, those who are most at risk during the heatwave are people over 65, those with chronic mental or physical health conditions, anyone with a heart condition, and people in large buildings without air conditioning.

All people are recommended to drink lots of water, and wear light-coloured clothing to stay cool.


Photo by Sandro Schuh on Unsplash

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