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7 Toronto Hikes You have to do this Summer

Did you know one of Toronto’s slogan is “A City Within A Park”? The best way to explore that so-called sprawling parkland is on your own two feet. Some of the best places to hike in the city are captured here.

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Scarborough Bluffs

It’s hard to believe these majestic cliffs are actually within the GTA and not some exotic locale. Climb to the top for beautiful views of a crystal blue Lake Ontario.

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High Park

The cherry blossoms may be High Park’s picture perfect postcard image in the spring, but High Park has great hiking trails all year long. A long walk around Grenadier pond makes the nearby Gardiner and Lakeshore traffic seem a distant memory.

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Evergreen Brickworks & Moore Park Ravine

The gardens at Evergreen Brickworks and the Moore Park Ravine are beautiful spots to hike. A climb up the hill in the back of the Brickworks buildings rewards hikers with a sprawling view of the city’s landscape.

Humber River Old Mill & Marshes

Some of the industrial history of the city is found in this area including the mill that provided wood to build some of the oldest structures in Toronto and beautiful stone bridges. Some of the more modern bridges that cross the trail are covered with graffiti, creating a beautiful juxtaposition of urban and natural scenery.

Beltline Trail & Cedarvale Ravine

One of the easier hikes in the city is through the Beltline and Cedervale Ravine. Bike, kid, and dog-friendly, this lush walk crawls through North Toronto and one of the city’s nicest neighbourhoods: Forest Hill. In the valley, the trees reach up high above and create a cool, shaded pathway.

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Don Valley Trails

The Don Valley trails are a 32-km stretch starting at the Oak Ridges Moraine down to Lake Ontario. While the trails run parallel to the city, they are completely secluded from the urban hustle and bustle. There are many trails to choose from – wander at random or select your route here before you go.

Edwards Gardens

The ravine that snakes through York Mills down to Edwards Gardens is one of the more verdant and secluded in the city. Pine and maple trees provide shade and trails wind around creek beds. Many a fox has been spotted here, so keep your eyes open!

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