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Toronto indie-pop outfit Tallies share nostalgic album ‘Patina’

Toronto indie-pop band Tallies have shared their sophomore album, Patina, out now via Kanine Records, Hand Drawn Dracula, and Bella Union.

The 9-track album is a nostalgic collection that sees Tallies offering up a modern, bright sensibility. On Patina, Tallies frequently explore the juxtaposition of light and dark. Many of the tunes are upbeat, with reverb-drenched guitars and catchy drum lines, but lyrically, they take on a darker tinge. “I think that’s an interesting part about the music,” bandmember Dylan explains. “There are these conflicting elements. The music can be upbeat, but you’re talking about the realities of life.”

Produced by Holy Fuck’s Graham Walsh, the new album was a true labor of love. After being delayed due to the pandemic, the record ended up being extremely rewarding after Cocteau Twins’ Simon Raymonde signed Tallies to Bella Union. Ultimately, Raymonde provided “a light at the end of a dark tunnel,” Cogan says.

Stream Patina below.

The new record features contributions from Grammy-nominated cellist Michael P. Olsen (Arcade Fire, Drake) and percussionist Peter Anderson (The Ocean Blue). Together with Tallies, they head toward a heavier sound than they ever have.

Patina features previously released singles “Memento,” “Special,” “Hearts Underground,” “No Dreams of Fayres,” “Wound Up Tight” and “Heavens Touch.”

“The title of the album closer says it all: ‘When Your Life Is Not Over’ an ode to looking towards the future, not back into the things that defined you, but forwards into what you have the power to create,” a press release explains. “And for Tallies it’s clear that there’s much, much more of that to come.”

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