Toronto Island Closed Indefinitely to Public Due to Floods

Toronto Island attractions are closed until further notice

Due to rising water levels, Toronto Island Park, Centreville, and Toronto Island beaches are currently closed to the general public until further notice. Island ferries have been closed to the general public since May 4. Ward’s Island Ferry remains open, however, ferry access is strictly available for island residents and workers.

Recent storms and heavy rainfall have contributed to the rising water levels in Lake Ontario, which has currently flooded a significant portion of Centreville. According to reports, a large portion of the park’s train tracks have been flooded over, as well as a few rides.

According to reports from Metro, Toronto Island could be closed “well into July.”

According to a media release from the City, even without rainfall, water levels are expected to rise “for several more weeks.” The city estimates that Toronto Island Park and Centreville will be closed until “at least June 30,” while Hanlan’s Point, Gibraltar Point and Centre Island beaches are apparently all “under water” and closed until further notice.

Feature photo courtesy of anonneymouse1 via Flickr.