Toronto Island Could be Keeping the Centreville Carousel

The antique landmark might be staying in Toronto after all

In July we reported that the wooden antique carousel that currently resides in Centreville had been sold to Carmel, Indiana as part of their redevelopment plan. The carousel was being sold for $3 million as part of efforts to help pay back the estimated $6 million that Centreville lost this summer due to floods that closed Centre Island.

Now, the Toronto Star has reported that Carmel’s finance committee have voted against the purchase of the carousel in favour of removing the carousel’s funding from a redevelopment loan. A petition was written against taking out the loan to buy the wooden carousel, which was signed by 1600 supporters.

The agreement between Centreville owner Bill Beasley and Carmel’s Mayor states that Carmel has until October 31 to provide proof of payment for the purchase.

The situation will be officially decided at a council meeting on September 18.

In the meantime, the carousel is currently available to Centreville guests until November.

Feature photo courtesy Dennis Jarvis via Flickr.