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Sing Your Heart Out At These Toronto Karaoke Bars

Karaoke –a craze that was birthed in Kobe, Japan in 1971– continues to serve as exhilarating late-night fun to enjoy with friends. Toronto is home to some amazing players in the “karaoke game.” And as years go on, we continue to find newer and bolder bars offering your chance to drunkenly sing along to Journey or Madonna, Prince or Blink 182 and everything in between. Here’s an updated list of some great bars to test your vocal chops and have a good laugh!

The Abbey | 989 College St.

Wednesdays 10pm

A pub style sports bar where you can watch the Leafs, sing your damn heart out and feel like you’re back in your ol’ hometown pub. The large space can accommodate those massive drunken birthday parties with all of your closest friends from Uni, while all of you pound back your typical cheap beers on tap. After overhearing your typical Carrie Underwood hits or “Cool” by Gwen Stefani, you’ll swear you’re back in the year 2005.

Sneaky Dee’s | 431 College St.

Mondays 10pm

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Let’s face it, by now everyone has been to Sneaky Dee’s for their amazing nachos. But have you had the pleasure of experiencing their nachos alongside the full throttle of their Monday night “Legends of Karaoke”? We really hope so. Hosted by Bear Mad Love and John Joseph Pitts, you’ll encounter over 15,000 songs to choose from in that iconic and colourfully painted building on the corner of Bathurst and College.

Bambi’s | 1265 Dundas St. W.

Wednesdays 10pm

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Expect a plethora of hip, 20-somethings packed into this small dive bar on Dundas West. One week you’ll spot members of your favourite Toronto chillwave band singing their hearts out to McCartney, and the next you’ll find yourself ordering a PBR next to the legendary Mother Bun herself. Show up early if you want a chance at the mic, as the list is filled quickly by their ultra cool regulars.

Cadillac Lounge | 1296 Queen St. W.

Fridays 10pm

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Karaoke, pub fare and a “grungy rock atmosphere” are some of the things to expect at the Cadillac Lounge. You’ll enjoy a friendly and laid back dive to sings all of your favourite bangers all night long. Spend your night with special host Jonny Z the “King of Karaoke” accepting that of your finest rock & roll requests.

Gladstone Hotel | 1214 Queen St W

Fridays 10:30pm

For years the Gladstone has been listed as one of Toronto’s favourite karaoke spots, voted Best Karaoke Bar by NOW for almost a decade straight. Find yourself at their infamous “Fameless Karaoke” where you can expect to hear locals sing only the best: pop, disco, rock, funk and more! As voted the best karaoke bar for so many years in a row, expect some stiff competition, remember practice makes perfect!
Did we miss your favourite spot to sing your heart out? Let us know what spots you frequent and your go-to karaoke songs!

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